Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No Phone Zone 3/7/10 - 3/13/10

When I got my first mp3 player I thought I had finally found the perfect piece of workout equipment. When I got my first ipod nano I wanted to marry it. *If you want the world's best supplement ask me about my itunes playlist.* About a month ago I got my first iphone, and (for a moment) it made me believe god wasn't dead (see Hersey by NIN). But after two weeks with the iphone, I noticed I was spending more and more time answering texts, emails, downloading apps, etc. The very thing that fueled my workouts was not distracting me from them. I say in the fitness world we jump on the Oprah bandwagon and make our workouts a "NO PHONE ZONE." So as much as I love the iphone, for 1 hour a day(or in my case 2), I keep the phone in my car or gym bag and whip out the nano. Technology that keeps you from your workouts is hardly progressive.

Remember fitness is best when it is fun, safe, effective, and set to some killer music!

David Levison
Certified Personal Trainer

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  1. You're the only fitness dude I know that can work the words "God", "NIN", "Oprah" and "Progressive" into the same paragraph... ;)